Final -- What to know



Monday/Wednesday 1:40PM-2:50PM Class
Final Test Chapters 1-11
MAY 13TH 1:40pm-4:20pm

Monday/Wednesday 3:05pm-4:20pm Class
Final Test Chapters 1-11
MAY 8TH 1:40pm-4:20pm **note start time***

1. Know what season we are in and about to go into. Latitude Lines -- Sun Location - How Much Sun...... Chapter 2 pages 30 to 40

2. Levels of the atmosphere. What makes each level special....... Chapter 1

3. What makes air Stable or Unstable. Chapter 4

4. Pages 100 to 104- Test 2 Understand stable and unstable air - Environmental lapse rate..... Chapter 4.
Comparing an air parcel to the Environment. Is it Warmer of Colder than the Environment?

5. Think of all the things that go with unstable air. Type of clouds and precipitation...... Chapter 4 and 5 pages 116 to 121

6. Wind flow- clockwise, counter clockwise how do storm systems move. Surface winds and winds aloft with pressure.

7.Weather patterns. What happens with low pressure and all the properties with fronts. Air masses Chapter 8, 9

8. Know what happens in your location in reference to where low pressure is. Clouds, precipitation, wind direction. Chapter 9 PAGE 241 MID LATITUDE CYCLONE - think test 4.

9. Thunderstorms - tornadoes and hurricanes - Basic Concepts.

10. What is happening in all locations around Low Pressure.

11. Chapter 3 -- Temperatures conversions
study old tests --- the above is not a full list -- concepts on old tests will also be on the final

PLUS ALL THE OLD TESTS....Look at concepts you got wrong and make sure you know them...